Thursday, 23 February 2012

Don't imagine -Just think it ..!

Could also say don't just think it - Imagine it...
Unfortunately , the title tells is as it is .
Story of those born in my era ..
Era of transformation ..
A cusp of  it all ..
We had it hard and yet so easy ..
We didn't have  to sweat for the fruition of
transition ... Hence , we became spoiled ..
Now we are to be of age knowing
that the only thing required of us is to be the best we can be .
We know we are capable but we don't know ho ..
We are shaken but we yearn to be shaped ...
We can think  but slow to build..

Born of Movers and Shakers ... Yearning to
be shaped ...
We know how to imagine but disillusioned..
We know how to think but frustration prohibits
us..  There is no generation that has experienced the past
and lived in the future  as my generation ..
"We are the ones we 've been waiting for " Barack Obama

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