Thursday, 1 March 2012

.... From Movers - Shakes...!

 First I should thank all my fellow bloggers for viewing the Page ...
 A thousand kisses to you all ..

Let;s  get straight to work , ladies and chaps .

I should I am still intrigued by the subject we had on our blog
last week .

It is true that preceding generations  which heralded the 1980's were not only
Movers but also Shakers  .
I mean they were able to conceptualize and realize
such concepts which made them Pioneers  .

Thank goodness we were born of such a people .. Below are reasons I think
We should pay homage to them.:
1. We or I should say I like to think we were not pressurized but encouraged
that we could be what we will . Ok I admit
that some may not have been  told that but I also submit that
many were not told they  could be nothing either .
Silence served to protect or push us to be of ourselves .
In this case silence was better than word spoken in negativity ..
Now I know why Silence is golden .

Hence , we know we can achieve this and that but
at times we don't know how .
We know this because our fore bearers
Showed to us that  we are story of success ..

Join me next  dearest bloggers as we try to look
Silence of motivation vs Success Motivation ....


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